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We have plans for 2023 and we'd love for you to join us!

2023 is here and we have plans: two new suits of cards so six can play, an expansion for Annapurna called 'the Weather Deck', that will bring a bit more chaos and challenge to the game, designs for play-mat, AND a brand new game that is called 'Maelstrom'. So we got things in the works. There is a lot of work ahead and we'll be asking for your input as we go along. For instance we have a poll at the bottom about suit colors!


Hopefully! I want to be able to work on all of these, not just one. But I don't want to lose the momentum we started for Annapurna at PAXUnplugged, so I need to keep up with marketing and promotion. That means I'll need to keep visiting stores and going to game conventions as well as working these new projects And still be alive in six months.

To make Annapurna big, to get it into stores, takes a lot of work. As a small publisher (aka me and my family) we rely a lot on you, our fans, to help us get word out. Those of you reading this have probably played the game. If you had fun and like the game it really helps me if you can leave a review - and there's one place where a review can make a huge difference: Board Game Geek is a site that is monitored regularly by game stores. A positive review and a good rating on Board Game Geek lets stores know there is interest in the game, and lets them know that they should buy it for their stores. Getting in to more stores will help keep the momentum going for Annapurna.

That means I can put more time into creating cool new things (like playmats, expansions, new games, and art) and less time selling and advertising and doing things that aren't making fun stuff.

So if you can take a moment to rate, leave a review, maybe add some photos of the game, that would really help us out! You can use the link below to head on over, to rate just login and then click on the stars to choose your rating. And thank you, thank you! May you roll 20's and your opponents never find out they were loaded.

OK, Back to the Fun Stuff: MORE SUITS!

I'm getting ready to add two new suits cards. This will allow up to 6 people to play Annapurna at once. I've created pink and yellow, orange, and silver, but I only need two. So I have a quick little poll where you can rate the card colors you like best to help me choose which ones to manufacture. Here's the poll!

What color should the two new suits be?

  • Orange

  • Silver

  • Pink

  • Yellow

Thanks so much for being part of the Annapurna family, let's have a great 2023!


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