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Games With a Twist

Becca of Fiat Lucre working on Annapurna

Sadie helping demonstrate minimum thickness of cardboard needed for game box lids and cat habitation, which are the same thing. I'm busy designing Annapurna in the background, but that's not important.

Fiat Lucre was formed to support my game design.  Because I am who I am (Neuro-spicy flavor of ADHD+ and more) I view the world slightly differently than the mythical 'normal folks', of which I have yet to find even one.  It means the games I end up making are a bit... out of left field. (I'm a lefty so it fits.)

Whether it's a different view point or a safe haven to be yourself, games bring people together to have Fun  My family and I aim to create games that do that. In fact, my first game Annapurna quickly ended up being a family project.


 "How many iterations can you go through before publishing?"

sweet dream old promo.jpg

The answer is over twelve.


Annapurna: Leave No Trace Behind, was introduced at board game conventions, both live and virtual, around the US starting with Metatopia 2019 and continuing through the GenCon 2020 online. This does NOT include the two or more years prior doing art, fixing wording, and fretting about everything until I couldn't sleep. Through it all Jed, my father, helped play test, members of the community gave tips and opinions, and we met a lot of cool people. We made many many mistakes, and playtested many many times.

Finally, we launched the Annapurna Kickstarter campaign in October of 2020.  It was funded in just six days so we needed a stretch goal. 

I found a wonderful company called Ganesh Himal Trading that imports goods produced by small families in Nepal.  As a stretch goal, we purchased $200 in knit socks and gloves from Nepalese artisans and donated them to a local homeless shelter.

We quickly reached that stretch goal too. So, we added a new rule book, Team Rules! However, with the pandemic I put that on hold and worked on finalizing Solo rules first. The two rulebooks got put out at the same time and they now come with the 2nd Edition of Annapurna. 

components suit _edited.jpg
old card art.jpg
rock square v1 promo.jpg


 "My rock collection
is taking over."


Collectionomics started as a joke. My rock collection, part of which is shown above (yes, part) is taking over my house. I should make a game so that would let me give away my rock collection as pieces. Funny right? It would never work. Just a joke.


Fifteen minutes later I was drafting rules in my head while I took a shower.  

I soon realized (after a few months of testing) that the game would work with any collection and my friends were probably just as eager to share. Now it's a silly party game for people with collections who want to show them off without shoving a shiny thing in someone's face.

The game is in its final stage of development and is coming to Kickstarter soon.

Sign up for alerts by clicking this piece of amethyst I found.

So, if you have a collection, or like arguing about inane things, Collectionomics is the game for you.

Screenshot 2024-02-11 at 21-25-14 Rocks and fossils - Google Drive.png


 "Trying to turn chaos into a boardgame."


HERDING CATS This game was my dad's idea and was originally called 'Prison Break'. But I stole it because...cats. As any one who owns cats knows, herding them is.... difficult. This asymmetrical game will demonstrate that. 


 We are testing it with all the cat lovers we know just to be sure.  

OK dog lovers too.

 Look for it in late 2024.

cat and mouse_edited.png
cat and mouse_edited.png
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