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Take Your Treasures
Out To Play

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Collectionomics comes with  

  • a deck of 93 cards including
    35 Trait Cards, ​7 blank Trait Cards,
    7 Discard Goals, 7 Secret Goals, and

30 Voting cards.

  • One cloth board.

  • One punch-board with 37 tokens.

  • One rulebook (in the works).

  • 2 Collection Bags


And it's all packaged in a sturdy box with ample room for your collection.


Play With Your Own Collection!

Collectionomics is a party game about sharing what you love.


Collectionomics started as a way to turn my rock collection into a game.


 I soon realized that not only did I enjoy sharing my rocks with others in a game, but that I also wanted to see what other people have in their collections.  So we tried playing with a friends dice collection, and it was hilarious.  Beer caps were next, and then buttons, and shells, and coins.

What started as 'Rock Hound' became  'Collectionomics'.   The goal was to create a game that let's you do more with your collections than just 'show and tell'.  

I think we succeeded. The game is currently in the final stages of design.

Coming to Kickstarter Summer 2024.

Get alerted when we launch!

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To win this game, all you have to do
is convince your friends that


This Pin


If You've Got A Collection,
You've Got Game!

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