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How To Play Collectionomics

Collectionomics is a party game.  You have Trait Cards with descriptive words, and items from your collection. You’re trying to match Trait Cards with items from the collection, or ones that you can convince everyone else match. Where it differs from a normal voting game is how you vote and earn points.

Remember "Apples to Apples"? It’s like that, except played with your collection.

Each players Goal cards, Trait cards, and Voting cards long with their collection pieces.  Shows the playing board, and t
Each players Trait cards on the playmate, reading for persuading and voting.

You start play by having each player draw three items in the collection from a bag followed by drawing three Trait Cards and Goal Cards.  Then everyone puts out an item from the collection along with a 'matching' Trait card. The next step is to convince others that your item matches your Trait card. After two minutes of persuading, EVERYONE votes. So multiple judges and multiple items to judge per round -  that's why you have voting cards!

You can  be eloquent or loud.  You can draw pictures, or bribe people with a future vote that favors them.  Whatever it takes to convince people to vote your way.


 While you get points for the basic 'convince people your card matches an item'  there are also 'Secret Goals' and Discard Goals.  You can also earn points based on matching the symbols on Goal cards with the symbols on the Trait cards from everyone. You might earn more points from getting your Trait card discarded and your item put onto another player’s Trait card.  


The image to the right shows the various Goal cards for three different players. Player B gets points for items on traits that have a square. Their own Trait card only got one, but Player A has two items, and Player B gets points for that too.

The three symbols that appear on each Trait card along with the Discard and Secret goals.
The different players scores plus The Bank.



However this game is called Collectionomics for a reason. If no one can agree on what trait matches an item, that item goes to the Bank. The Bank  has goal cards, just like everyone else. If the Bank gets the most points at the end of the game, everyone else loses. So you have to work together… but not too much. 

That's the basics of Collectionomics!  There are lots of strategies to try and many ways to win!. 

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