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Annapurna is a different kind of strategy game for 1-4 players.

A marriage of chess and poker, you'll need tactics with a touch of luck to master this mountain. How well you know the other players will definitely determine how easy your climb up is, Competitive or Cooperative.

Annapurna is a game of extremes and balance. Every card has Yins or Yangs on them, and your goal is always to have them cancel out. Each player gets a suit of cards that are laid into a mountain shape face down. As you flip and climb you'll be unbalanced, not only by the mountain but by the other players. 

Annapurna becomes more engaging the more you play, not just from round to round, but game to game.

 It's about luck, until it isn't, it's not a race, until it is, it's very calm until it's cutthroat.

Great for family fun, and perfect for game nights.

"It has great table appeal that meshes the theme with the tile layout into a triangular mountain, where one's options become more scarce as you ascend. Fun!"

Curt Covert, Smirk and Dagger

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All our rulebooks are available for download.

The second edition of Annapurna 

adds a Solo Rulebook and a Teams Rulebook, to updated Cooperative rules, and the ever popular Competitive mode. All rulebooks work with all versions of the game.

What's In Annapurna 2nd Edition?

  • four climber meeples

  • stickers for customizing the meeples

  • three peak tokens

  • baggies for storage

  • Cooperative rulebook 

  • Competitive rulebook

  • Teams rulebook  - NEW!

  • Solo rulebook  - NEW!

  • one deck of 18 flag cards

  • four sets of 18 mountain cards

  • Travel pack made of canvas

  • Custom playmats

Also For Sale


How To Play with Good Time Society

Wanted: Ratings and Reviews!​

Fiat Lucre is a very small publisher.  We grow when people help  get the word out about Annapurna.  You can help by reviewing and rating our game on our Board Game Geek page. This helps us by letting stores know people out there are interested in Annapurna.

Thank you so much for supporting us. We wouldn't be here without you!

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