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Annapurna Reviews & Quotes

The Weekly Play/Back - Episode 54 - PAX Unplugged Haul

The Weekly Play/Back - Episode 54 - PAX Unplugged Haul

Hello and welcome back!! Thank you for watching! Please leave any questions/comments below! ๐Ÿ˜Š 0:00 Channel Intro 0:09 Intro 01:13 AnnaPurna Tournament 09:08 AnnaPurna Overview & Review 22:36 Take a Seat 28:14 City Builder 29:00 Nanga Parbat 29:14 Radlands 29:48 Winter from Devir Games 33:50 The Great Split 36:42 Planet Unknown 40:10 Astra 42:55 My Lil Everdell 46:01 Mille Fiori 48:09 Terra Nova 51:30 Folded Space Insert 52:54 Potion Slingers 54:07 Passengers 58:09 Ahoy 59:30 Good Puppers 01:00:50 Scout 01:02:23 Games I'm Backing 01:05:51 PAX Unplugged Experience 01:14:21 Obsession Enamel Pins 01:16:12 Hopscotch Robot 01:17:33 Question of the Week Games Discussed: Games I'm Backing: SirMeeple for Obsession pins and my merch:
Annapurna Board Game Review
Annapurna Review
Annapurna Leave No Trace Behind Board Game Kickstarter Preview | Climb and Keep it Clean

Annapurna Leave No Trace Behind Board Game Kickstarter Preview | Climb and Keep it Clean

#AnnaPurna #boardgame #FiatLucre 00:00 Intro 00:38 What's in the box? 01:48 Card details 02:45 How it Plays/example turns 16:40 My impressions Aaron previews the mountain scaling game, for friends or foes, Annapurna from Rebecca Horovitz. Full Disclosure: This game or prototype was provided to GameEnthus by the PR rep, publisher, designer or developer. Genre/Mechanisms: memory, take that, movement Designer(s)/Developer(s): Rebecca Horovitz Artist(s): Rebecca Horovitz Publisher: Fiat Lucre Platform(s): a flat surface, TTS Player(s): 2-4players Link(s): Contact us: GameEnthus P.O. Box 101 Bowie, MD 20719-0101 VM: 202-573-7686 Extra Life Donation Page See more at: Find the podcast at: games/id286435007?mt=2 Review Playlist EP Review Playlist Podcast Playlist Annapurna, Fiat Lucre, Annapurna board game, card game, board game, Rebecca Horovitz,

Video Reviews

Beautifully simple and fun to play. 

Glenn Stott, 

game designer

Annapurna seems as simple as walking up a mountain, but there is a depth to the experience and interactions beyond that first step.

Christopher Badel,

Greater Than Games

Like chess,


chess is boring and

this is awesome!

Meghan Townsend

play tester