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Collectionomics at PAX Unplugged

In this post: Collectionomics, see your pet in our game, PAX Unplugged goodness, sign up for Kickstarter alerts, and... who is "The Collector"?


We had a blast at PAX Unplugged! Our booth looked awesome, I had awesome helpers, and an awesome Kickstarter to announce. The art for our new banners took a lot of work but they came out beautifully!

 If you look closley you might even spot yourself on one of the banners in the back! Some of our 2022 tournament winners are on there too. Many were there in person in fact! They were helping run the booth and demo Annapurna. Shout out to all of them for the help!

They really showed how fun and intense Annapurna can be, we even had a line to play at one point! Our booth was so busy that we ran out of postcards for Collectionomics on the first day!


Collectionomics is our new party game that we are bringing to Kickstarter in 2024. You can read more about it here.

The main thing to know is that it lets you play with your collection. Of what? What do you collect? Buttons, pins, dice? Whatever it is you get to show it off and have fun arguing about what traits fit the items best. It has enough depth for you to strategize and earn points, but you're still arguing about whether a marble is Stressed or Intimidating.

Here you can see people arguing over buttons and miniatures, just two of the collections you can play with.

Draw Decks

As an option for people who don't have a collection, there will be draw deck expansions available. Our Monster Deck was out for the first time You can scan through a couple of the monsters below.

We will be offering more deck types during the Kickstarter including Pet Decks. One of our reward levels will include HAVING YOUR PET INCLUDED IN THE DECK! You can have your fabulous feline, daring dog, or other astounding animal in the game for the world to adore. People seemed just as excited about that as I am to get tons of photos of cute animals.

To really get into things (because I don't know how not to) I have a character for Collectionomics. I debuted them in a video (down below) showcasing a few of the collections you could play with, and wore their outfit at PAX.

I even did my nails to match their (my) hoarding tendancies.

I am...

The Collector

The Collector does not collect mere items, no, they collect collections. They however were weary; collecting things is hard after all, as is showing them off. It is difficult to find the right time, place, and people to share the joy and stories found in each item. So, they made a game, the point of which would be to let people share their collection and have fun while doing it. Game in hand they went out to share it, and the collections, with the world.

By the end of PAX the collector had gained yet another collection to add to their stash. A collection of people interested in playing their game. So with the word out and the game on its way, the Collector is very eager to see other people's collections as well. If you have one post it with the #Collectionomics and @Annapurnaboardgame (or Annapurnagame on Twitter) so we can see it!

Thank you to everyone who signed up for the Kickstarter alerts and our newsletter. If you haven't signed up for alerts and want to, click here. If you've signed up for this newsletter then you don't have to sign up for the one on the form, they're the same.

Stay tuned for more videos of collections, their collectors, and updates on Collectionmics. We may even be asking opinions about art soon!

See you at the summit, and may your holidays sparkle like the treasures in your collection.

Becca H -

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