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New Website, New Logo, New Kickstarter Pre-Launch Page, Same Old Weirdos

New Website

Hey everyone! We've moved! is now You might remember that Fiat Lucre is the name of our company, the publisher of Annapurna. And now that we have two more games on the way, it made sense to present them to people under the Fiat Lucre brand. Don't worry, you're all on the same mailing list, we're the same crazy people, and we still make fun games.

Fiat Lucre Savory Games for Spicy People Logo
New Logo

Fiat Lucre has a new and improved logo!

Why 'Savory Games for Spicy People', I hear you ask? Everyone's a little bit different. I myself am Neuro-Spicy (AKA neurodivergent), and so are many of my friends. A lot of us use games to help make connections. Fiat Lucre's goal is to make games that offer welcoming spaces for everyone to be who they are and of course, have fun. Our upcoming game Collectionomics does this wonderfully.

New Kickstarter Pre-Launch Page for Collectionomics

Collectionomics lets you play with your collection. Showing off your keys, dice, baseball cards, or fishing lures is a great way to get to know people and share something you love while having fun.

Collectionomics Pre-Launch is Live!

What's a pre-launch page? It's basically a way for you to sign up to get alerted when we go live with a Kickstarter, nothing more. We have a list of names, but now that the Kickstarter has been approved you can sign up there. This will let us gauge interest in Collectionomics, which is a big help when it comes to marketing and production, so please go sign up there!

Same Old Weirdos

So yeah, it's still us. Thanks for being fans of Annapurna, and now Fiat Lucre. We wouldn't be here without you!


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