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My amazing friends at EuroQuest and NEW GAME ANNOUNCEMENT!

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

I was at EuroQuest last week! I had a blast with a bunch of old friends. One such friend was Anne, and she showed me this amazing photo she took at the Adirondacks.

Anne n at the top of the Adirondaks with Annapurna Boardgame

She climbed to the top of a fire tower and took photos! The madwoman! It was so awesome, I framed it. There's a video too, an I'll be posting that one our video reel.

Beat the Creator, Annapurna Boardgame

I challenged everyone to a beat the creator event and a few of my old tournament winners showed up! Bryan, Ron and a newcomer all played me, but I managed to win with a Leave No Trace Behind. It was good getting my practice in before PAX Unplugged, where if you stop by you'll see some of our past winners duking it out, including Bryan. I might join in; rematch!

I didn't just demo Annapurna and hold onto my title though...

We have a new game!

Collectionomics description

I played our new game Collectionomics! In this elevated party game you earn points by fulfilling your goal cards. In an Apples to Apples way trait cards are played alongside items from a collection. Which trait card best represents each item is voted on by everyone, not just one judge, and then the item goes onto the winning trait card. That's the basics.

We played with miniatures, dice, game pieces, junk drawer contents, and bottle caps. Below you can see a group arguing about whether a miniature should be considered Cake or Intimidating.

My crowning achievement was convincing everyone that a crumbling wall miniature was Sophisticated because it reminded me of Andy Goldworthy's Storm King Wall (go look him up). I wasn't even playing either!

Confused yet? Intrigued perhaps? We'll be at PAX Unplugged and you can stop by our booth (3547) for a look. If you're a reviewer, feel free to email me if you want a full demo. Alternatively you could go ahead and take my word about how awesome it is and sign up for the Kickstarter alert now. Do it here!

As always, thanks for being a fan, and keep on climbing!


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