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University of Delaware Tournament

We had a tournament this last Monday with the University of Delaware Game Club. We started at 6:30 and went all the way to 11!

We had 19 people play and everyone had a great time! Craig, you remember Craig from the tournament at PAX Unplugged, ran it. I watched from the sidelines (my house, as I was otherwise engaged) and got to hear about all the excitement later.

This was the first meeting of the club after COVID, so everyone was really pumped. We started with two hours of teaching and then got into elimination, and apparently, it was tough. While the players were congenial and patient, the play was brutal. One player insisted on chaos incarnate and having none of the cards on her mountain face the same way, if I had been there my OCD would have sent me into shock at the sight.

Another player almost convinced someone not to peak based on the dangers of a card that could be there… A card that does not in fact exist in the game. A very good bluff that nearly worked because most everyone playing was new to the game, better luck next time.

Eventually though, we had some winners.

First place was Elton Okley, he’s holding the certificate and the copy of Annapurna he won.

The other winners were Echo, Abbey Negin, and Stephen Notham.

Congrats to everyone, and thank you for coming out to play. Copies of Annapurna are available for sale at Days of Knights, the local game store. If they aren’t, tell them so they can order more!

Stay tuned for some new announcements coming later this March and don’t forget to rate us on!

As alway, keep on climbing!

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