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Tuesday I was Thirsty, Saturday I'm being Knighted

This Tuesday we spent an awesome evening at Thirsty Dice!

It started and ended with the most amazing parallel parking job ever seen. Courtesy of one Pamela Horovitz who drove because I needed to run out to The Philly Game Shop to drop of games they ordered.

Then we found some interesting road blocks but made it to Thirsty Dice on time and had some wonderful food.

A local board game group came in and played Annapurna and of course won a copy of the game at our raffle!

We ended the night with some connect four, which I won only because my mother was still on a sugar high from delicious ice cream.

Here is the fantastic parallel parking job. It was important I share this with posterity, obviously.

Now! This Saturday is Days of Knights monthly game day and WE will be there with an Annapurna tournament! RSVP on our events page, you can get there by clicking the poster below. Keep an eye out on our events page for future events too!

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