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Stickman and Brooklyn Strategist

Stickman Brewey this last Thursday was great! I played Annapurna with so many awesome people. Craig from Dicey Situations was there to help out and he made me laugh so hard I pulled a muscle in my chest. (I did not know that was possible.)

I played with these lovely gents and had some mighty fine beer.

An Amazing Baker bought a copy of the game. Why do I say Amazing Baker? Because she gave me some cake she made. It was so delicious I gave her a discount for it. (Remember that: cake = discounts.)

Christian here won the raffle! He hurt his hand playing tennis but still managed to climb Annapurna folks! That's dedication.

See you at the summit Christian!

Last night we were at the Brooklyn Strategist in... yeah you guessed it Brooklyn!

I only got one picture because I was so busy playing and by the time I remembered to take one it was 9:30. The raffle went well. I ate way too much food. My dad came along with me so he could walk around his old neighborhood. (After 40 some years it had changed so much he could barely recognize his old block!) The long drive back to south Jersey meant we got home at 12:30am, both knackered. But so worth the trip. :^)

See you guys at The Comic Book Store and Geekfest next week!

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