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Prospects at Prospect Park

Friday we went to Prospect Park Board Gaming Club and had a blast! We had near 20 people demo and join the tournament!

Lot's of fun, good food and drink...

round tables, ambience, plenty of space...

Can you really ask for more?

Why yes. Yes you can!

Sahil wound up winning a ticket to PAX Unplugged and runners up won copies of Annapurna and other games generously donated by Prospect Park Board Gaming Club.

I personally won that night because I bought two pairs of pants from a store that sold wares from Nepal. I'm even wearing them and they were so comfy!

I look forward to going back some time and playing with everyone again!

So where are we next? Why Stickman Brewery on the 20th and the Brooklyn Strategist on the 22nd with raffles for copies of the game! go check out the events page to find out more!

See you at the summit, I'm gonna go lounge in my new pair of fluffy pants.

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