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J1-Con achievement complete, onto EuroQuest!

We were at J1-Con this last weekend. It was absolutely amazing!

We packed up Friday and drove down.

I had a wonderful evening setting up the booth with my Dad and saying his to everyone. I also had time to sneak down to the arcade and fail at getting a single prize.

Saturday went smoothly and tons of people came to play.

I made some new friends, and some sales, and we played long past closing.

Kal-El, won the tournament and swept away the competition. See you at PAX Unplugged!

Sunday was just as intense, especially after the party that evening. (If any one asks I did in fact go to bed at 10.)

A few people came back from Satuday to try again. Kal-El just came to play (or practice for PAX).

Michael won Sunday's tournament, and everyone had a lot of fun. I spent a good amount of time teaching everyone the other ways to play after the tournament ended which was a real treat for me.

Now, we are on to EuroQuest! Come join us this Thursday-Sunday where we are having a new tournament each day, so that's four chances to win a ticket to PAX Unplugged! RSVP here

Find out more about the event itself, and Annapurna's tournament schedule, at

We are working on how best to run our tournament now and are always trying to do better. Thanks to everyone for their feedback and help!

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