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I played Wingspan for the first time!

After playtesting the Weather Expansion in March I played Wingspan by Elizabeth Hargrave. She’s an amazing designer and I was psyched that she playtested Rock Hound at Unpub and destroyed it. (You get the best information when your game is torn apart.) The advice I got from her, Matt Wolfe, Jon Milburn, and Melanie Lardiero was invaluable and I’m excited to (correctly) implement it. Anyway, I promised Elizabeth I’d finally check out Wingspan and I’m so happy I did. (And not just because I won.)

Matt Fries is a BIG Wingspan fan and was in awe that I got to playtest my game with Elizabeth. He has his own game that he’s working on so maybe he will be at Unpub next year! I had a lot of fun, and I look forward to playing again, probably with my mom who is a birder. I will have to learn how to play without the expansions first.

Anyway, I had a blast and highly suggest you check out Wingspan if you haven’t yet.

Posts about GAMA, playtesting, and rocks on the way so stay tuned and as always, keep on climbing.


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