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Geekfest, Comic Book Store, and Happy Halloween!

It's been a busy week. I had a great time at the Comic Book store in Glassboro, so great I forgot to take photos. I met up with an old friend, played Annapurna a bunch of times and can't wiat to go back.

Saturday was South Jersey Geekfest and I had a blast dressing up as a yeti and demoing the game. Watching so many people walk around in awesome cosplays and costumes was a lot of fun.

Kim won the raffle, we'll see you at PAX Unplugged!

I even got a free moment to sketch a bit!

Now it's Halloween and I have a treat for you! Here's the scary story I wrote a while back, now available to the public!

Download PDF • 55.25MB

If you're not up for reading, you can listen to it here!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Next week we will be at J1 con, go check out their website now.

We also have uploaded card clarifications and rules for the tournament on the website, so if you're planning on competing, go check them out.

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