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Collectionomics Update and Too Many Games Playtest

Hey all! It's been a hot minute. June's almost over, I'm now 34, the weather is nuts, and Collectionomics is coming along!

We have a new board design, new cards, and new mechanics. In fact I'll be at Too Many Games this weekend to play-test the changes we've made! Here's a sample of some of the awesome stuff you'll see if you stop by.

A new sleek board design and changes to some mechanics have made a big difference to the flow of play and my favorite part, sharing and showing off.

We also added new Trait cards (now called Tag Cards). There are 70 now! Including Florida Man.

Don't worry, Egg is still there.

Stop by Too Many Games to Playtest on Saturday 2-3 or Sunday 12-1! Stay tuned here for more updates and remember, the Pre-Launch page is live so go sign up if you haven't!

Thanks for following!


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