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A day at Days of Knights

We had a mini tournament yesterday at Days of Knights. It was a lot of fun, I got to see some pretty expansive (and expensive) war games being played. No I did not try my hand at them. We had a few people join our tournament when they weren't attempting to destroy the world (or conquer it, I didn't ask, the number of dice involved was intimidating).

We had a late comer who decimated the competition with the day's first 12 point score.

Amber and her boyfriend Scott came into the store front earlier and I happened to strike up a conversation with her. It was her birthday and she was looking for a game to bring home.

I was honored it ended up being mine and was happy to teach her And see her boyfriend soundly win a ticket to PAX Unplugged.

Happy belated birthday Amber and I hope I'll see you and Scott at the tournament!

Remember, if you wanna find out where I'll be next, check out our events page, more is added quite often!

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