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I’m going to Unpub!

Hey all, I’ll be at Unpub starting tomorrow playtesting several games of mine! One of them is….

THE WEATHER DECK! My expansion for Annapurna is here. Yes, that is indeed a timer. With this you will know what it is to contend with the quickly shifting winds of Annapurna.

I also have playmats to try out, they may look very different when I’m done. More… triangular perhaps? I’ll post photos of them in use.

I’ll also be playtesting my new rock based game. I love rocks, probably a bit too much…

Yeah… a bit too much. Don’t worry, it doesn’t use all of them. It would weigh too much for one. (I already had to cut back on the rocks I wanted to bring.)

So , in conclusion. Lots of games. Can barely fit them all on my suitcase. There are three in the big Teavana box alone. So come find me and help playtest!

Next week I’ll post again and you’ll find out if I have made progress or…

Thanks for reading and remember, keep on climbing!

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