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EuroQuest was Amazing(ly exhausting)

Hello folks. This was my first time at Euroquest. It was SO awesome I am still recovering. We did demos for five hours, and then we held an Annapurna Tournament each night.. After that I got to play other games, meet other designers, and finally get some sleep!

My dad played a game that lasted for at least an hour! I have no clue if he won, I went to bed.

Our next door "booth" neighbors sold some very cool puzzle games. ( Kadon Enterprises; check em out.) Elijah, one of the designers (awesome long haired dude below) played in one of our tournaments too. He did not win, but he came close. Elijah bought a copy of my game and I bought a copy of his too Line Dance. Quite fun.

In the opposite corner was Canton Games. Legend Dan, the owner, had to scoot after the first day but we bought a cool game called Boop from them by Smirk and Dagger, another company we love. You can buy Annapurna at Canton Games too. Check them out here.

This guy, Bryan, was a total game nerd and played Annapurna every day. He really knew the game by the end. He bought a copy and asked me to autograph his favorite card: Chocolate Bar. Bryan had a lot of great ideas for the tournament, like matte-finish sleeves (which are a thing I didn't know existed.) This is Bryan and his wife who let me try some of her nifty drawing materials.

I got to meet up with some of the people from Break My Game, a group that helped me test Annapurna online. They are a very very fun group and you can check them out at Matt, one of the admins, was there selling two of his games; check them out here.

All in all, I got to play so many games, meet so many people, and teach Annapurna so many many many times.

There could only be four winners in the tournament though...

Anne was our Thursday winner. She's a hot gamer who won the Catan tournament on the last day as well. She played every day and really was a pro by the end. Better watch out for her at PAX if you're playing!

Sharkey caught on to my game VERY quickly and Left No Trace Behind two... three?..... Multiple times in a row. He was our Friday winner. He is going to PAX. Beware.

Alexander won Saturday and it was close if I remember correctly. He was methodical and seemed to have a plan that even I couldn't follow. It worked though, quite well obviously.

Finally on Sunday Bryan, (mentioned earlier) won after playing in every tournament. It was very close and he took a huge risk, chancing an unknown flip of his top card, hoping it was See for Miles. He was right, and won. He, however, ceded as he couldn't go to PAX and already had a copy of the game. Andrew here won after a fierce tiebreaker with Dan of Break My Game, they both had seven flags.

Here are some clips from the event. I am getting slightly better at taking video and am learning how to edit things together in iMovie. It's very different than the camera, audio equipment, and editing suite I last used (in college) so forgive me.

It was a very intense few days and I am looking forward to going back next year. Now however we are on to... PAX Unplugged!

Yes, that's our next convention. It's almost here. RSVP if you're coming. Help us stay organized, please!!

We will be posting updates on how the tournament will be run, how awesome matte sleeves are, our set up, my panic attacks, and more over the next few weeks so check back in and sign up for the blog posts!

Thanks for being an Annapurna fan. Keep on climbing!

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