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Days of Knights last Tuesday (k)night

The demo at Days of Knights yesterday went amazingly. I played with so many people and even got to play a game besides Annapurna too! (Holi, which I won by the way.)

Posters for the mini-tournament we're hosting next

month were everywhere and I'm so excited to come back!

We played multiple times, and late into the night. I believe it was 10 when I left and I got there at 5!

You can very much tell how tired we all were by the end of the night, staring off into the distance blitzed on sugar and energy drinks.

I did make it back to Jersey safe by about 11 PM though.

I blasted metal music the entire drive back, but I did make it back!

More events on the way, keep checking our event page to see where I'll be next!

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