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Climbing for Charity

This past weekend we hosted our first Annapurna tournament. Sixteen game reviewers competed to win the $500 prize which they split 50/50 with the charity of their choice. The tourney was held during GenCon Online 2020, and we got to sell tickets to watch the four preliminary rounds as well as the final. We pledged to donate our ticket sales to a charity as well.

By every measure the tournament was a success. First Becca got sixteen reviewers to participate! How awesome is that? We had reviewers from all over including Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Massachusetts, Maryland, Ohio, Indiana, England, Canada, and Israel.

And these guys (and gal) knew how to play and wanted to win. They each picked charities that were cool and represented many worthy causes. The banter was flying, as was the shade.

The final round was won by George at Thirsty Dice, right in our backyard of Philly. George's charity of choice was GirlStart, a group that promotes STEM learning for girls. And because we had great audiences signed up for every event, we got to donate $256 to BlackLivesMatter.

I have to confess that we're all pooped, but exhilarated by all the action online. So thanks to GenCon, to all our reviewers, all our ticket buyers, and to our support crew behind the scenes. That means you Nina and Jed!

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