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Pre-Order Your Annapurna Playmats! Pouches too!

Available soon: playmats and carry pouches.
The shipping is FREE, and so are the witty descriptions.

Four mountain playmats, annapurna board game

You read that right climbers. Annapurna Playmats and carry pouches are now available for pre-order at the Annapurna online store.

The playmats are triangle shaped neoprene that have been custom printed with slots for the mountain cards, the backpack, the cache, your meeple, the flag cards, and the peak tokens.

Look at these beautiful glamour shots I took outside in 90 degree weather! (I won’t go into the hours it took for me to figure out what to use as a backdrop.) The symmetry, the lighting, the angles! I had a lot of fun taking these photos and my cats has fun walking across my scenes. Despite, or perhaps because of, my suffering I think they turned out well!

There are lots of different bundles to choose from so you can get exactly what you want.

We’ve also simplified how you calculate the cost of shipping, as in we got rid of it. Shipping is included! (As someone who is bad at math I personally appreciate this because it means I don’t have to do math again soon. At least for this.)

Free shipping
Ooh, look at the absence of math.

You should go check out the store page -because our shipment of playmats is on its way here.

Our shipment is having quite a trip. The packages have to be thoroughly examined at each customs station. I had no idea there were so many or that one was in… Indiana? I don’t know why our poor packages are being interrogated so much!

Anyway, they are on their way! We’ll send out a tweet or something when they are freed from their cardboard and cellophane prisons and ready to be put into new, smaller, cardboard and tape prisons and sent to you!

In the meantime, we’re off to World Boardgaming Championships this coming week! I’m running a tournament there. I’ll update you on the chaos that may (or may not) ensue once we get back.

After I send out orders of course.

Thanks for reading and as always, keep on climbing.


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